Cremation options
We offer three options for cremated remains:
  • Columbarium niche
  • Cremation Garden
  • Cremated remains in traditional grave
Columbarium niches
You can purchase a cremation niche (a compartment for an urn with cremated remains inside) in our outdoor columbariums. A single cremation niche, which includes a nameplate, and non-overtime inurnment, cost $2,429.91 and up. A double niche costs $3,584.91 and up. Cost depends on the position of the niche on the columbarium wall.
Cremation Garden
Our cremation garden is designed especially for in-ground burial of cremated remains. Cremation graves start at $550, depending on the location in the cemetery. Additional costs may include interment, a marker, an urn, and an urn vault. You can purchase these items from the cemetery. Contact our office to learn more.
Traditional burial and cremated remains in one grave
You may also choose to place cremated remains in a traditional burial grave with or without a casket burial. This is called “second right of interment.”
Compare options|
To compare costs for cremation options, refer to these helpful worksheets: