union cemetery photo

union cemetery photo

Our traditional burial options include:

  • In-groundburial
  • Above-ground crypt
  • Children’s area

In-ground burial
We offer single, double, and family lots. Lots can accommodate either a flat marker or a monument, depending on the type of lot purchased.

Cost for flat marker lots:

  • 1 grave - $1,575
  • 2 graves - $3,150

Cost for upright monument lots : Block 1B (2 or more burials):

  • 2 graves - $6,100
  • Each additional monument grave - $3,050

Cost for upright monument lots : Premium Areas (2 or more burials):

  • 2 graves - $7,400
  • Each additional monument grave - $3,700
  • 8 graves - $29,600 on Block 3

Additional costs may include interment (opening and closing the grave at time of need), a marker or monument (depending on the type of lot you choose), and an outer burial container. Outer burial containers are required for all in-ground traditional burials. You may purchase monuments, markers and outer bural containers from us.

Above-ground crypts (in outdoor mausoleum)
Above-ground crypts in our outdoor mausoleum start at $2,900 and up. The price includes a nameplate. Additional fees may include the cost of entombment (placing the casket in the crypt), and an optional vase for flowers.

Burial and cremated remains in one grave
You may also choose to place cremated remains in a traditional burial grave with a casket. This is called “second right of interment.”

Children’s area
We offer a special area for children’s graves. It features a comforting monument. The flowers around the monument are planted and maintained by cemetery staff. Please contact the office for more information.

Compare options
To compare costs for traditional options, refer to these helpful worksheets:

See our General Price List (PDF) for all options. Please call us if you would like to discuss these options.